CRM Mastery and Sales Automation

Get your CRM and sales automation right with our tailored coaching and development services.

Works for every industry, best for teams of 5+ people.

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Working with industry’s
favorite tools

CRM Automation and Reports,
the right way

  • if your sheet solution gives you nightmares by now
  • if you’re not happy with your current sales and customer care system
  • if you tried one of the CRMs but never made it work for you or your team
  • if your other apps just ain't playing nice with the CRM or you don't know which apps to use in the first place
  • if you spent a great amount of money on building your custom CRM that kinda works
  • if you’re not sure how to approach automation

We take you from a blank slate or wherever you are currently and put your sales team on CRM steroids.

Sales automation and CRM in general is easy if done right with our CRM Onboarding and Automation program.

What You Get

Start using your CRM within 8 weeks, with coaching and technical support for a year (on our premium tier). It is important to build the momentum fast, then keep it going. Picking the right tools is dead simple and breaking down your business case into actionable weekly goals is what we'll figure out together.

1-on-1 Workshops. Closest, personal attention to your needs will make the program truly work for you. We walk you through the whole process and answer your specific questions on regular zoom sessions. You pick the times, we make em happen.

Best automation and integration practices, for your specific case. Automation is not always necessary and sometimes an overkill. Why HubSpot over pipedrive or the other way around? Why no sync but one way updates? Zapier or Integromat? Or both? We’ll figure out your exact stack of apps and make sure they play nice together.

Efficiency boost. We ensure every piece of software used outperforms its monthly cost by a magnitude. Which means your team has everything it needs to do their best work.

Reduced overhead cost. One of our main mantras is using the right tools, not the fanciest. Which translates to several apps vs. one jack-of-all-trades solution in most cases. And only if it’s less operational cost long-term.

The Right Choice of Tools

We help you pick the best CRM for your business, based on your requirements and feasibility within your budget. And sure, we’ll help you out with all the other apps, if needs to be.

PRO Tip: Picking the right apps is probably the most money-saving factor, long-term.

Extensive Playbooks

We got you covered in any CRM situation: lead capturing, scheduling meetings, making calls, batch mailing, document templates, reports, workflow design, customization, automation, teams, goals and restirctions, integration with other apps.

Worklfow and Sales Automation

Automation according to your specific industry and particular needs, in most common and important areas: customer communication, accounting, project or production management, data storage and data analysis.

Integration and 1-on-1 Coaching

Connect other apps in your stack: accounting, webstore, your Mondays, Ghosts and Slacks. As none of it settles over night, we include technical support and personal coachings for a year in our CRM Mastery program.

Our Guarantees

14-day Mandatory Refund Policy

If you aren’t happy with how we approach your business case or just think we’re not the right crew for the job, we require you to take your money back.

60-Day Guarantee

If you aren’t happy with the initial setup or coaching, you qualify for a full refund. All we ask is for you to deliver us all the required information on time and participate in our initial sessions to figure out your exact setup. We will also cancel the monthly support fees if you feel that we do not provide the level of support and care you expect.

A Peek Inside The Program

Proper Data Migration

  • How to map existing datapoints to your new CRM.
  • What are the different custom field types and how to use them properly.
  • What should not be migrated, even if it feels like it should.
  • Best Picks for Automated Migration

CRM Management

  • Understanding contacts, companies, leads, deals and activities
  • Separation and Linking of Data
  • Pipeline Design and Automation
  • Workflow and Sales Automation


  • Connecting your eCommerce to CRM
  • Generating Invoices in Your Accounting App
  • Tracking of Payments
  • Emails, Documents, Scheduling and Phonecalls
  • Webforms and Chatbots, Made Easy

Simple pricing.


You personal playbook to CRM onboarding and automation.

We take you through onboarding, configuring and automating your CRM. Best for solopreneurs and tech nerds who like digging in. Access all playbooks to go from blank CRM slate to automated sales environment.

Three 1-on-1 zoom sessions on your specific case:

  • Discovery session: pick the right CRM or go thru your current setup, see what other tools make sense in your case.
  • Action session: cover most vital automation areas and integrations with other apps, like ecommerce, accounting, project management tools.
  • Q&A session: answer your specific questions after 4-6 weeks.
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Your DIY CRM onboarding program, with essential 1-on-1 zooms.

Our full, DIY online onboarding program, with 3 1-on-1 zoom sessions, 45 mins each:

  • Discovery session: pick the right CRM, see which apps make sense in your case.
  • Action session: cover most vital questions of integrating with other apps, emails and webforms.
  • Q&A session: answer your specific questions after 4-6 weeks.
2 Diamonds

Got a couple of things you want us to look into?

Need to sync and automate whatsapp messages in your CRM, import orders from your web store, send automated emails to your leads, update your accounting app? We got you.

  • 40 h of finest developer dedication to solve your specific technical challenge
  • 4 1-on-1, 1h zoom sessions
  • 6 months of email support
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2 Diamonds

Our hit-and-run version of CRM onboarding and automation.

4 1-on-1 zoom sessions.

40 hours dev credit to work out your automation or CRM challenges.

5 Diamonds

Our flagship, premium, all-inclusive service. As turnkey as CRM can get.

Get your CRM done the fastest way possible, with 1 year of email support and zoom coaching.

Everything included in the previous tiers, plus:

  • We pick the right CRM for you
  • Onboard your team
  • Design your lead workflow and automate lead capturing
  • Design your deal workflow and automate meeting scheduling
  • Integrate with 2 other apps in your stack, i.e. accounting, webstore, cloud storage or project management apps
  • Configure most important reports
  • 1 year of email support and zoom coaching
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5 Diamonds

Our flagship, premium, all-inclusive service.

Get your CRM done the fastest way possible, with 1 year of email support and zoom coaching.

Everything included in the previous tiers, plus:

  • Start using your CRM within 4 weeks
  • Get new leads into your CRM quickly
  • Close more deals by properly automating your deal worklfow
  • Integrate with most important apps you use
  • Get your reports right
  • Ask as many questions as you need, the way you prefer
  • 1-on-1 coaching over zoom

Full Package

Regular Updates

Regular updates to our CRM coaching programm and playbooks

1-on-1 Sessions

Deep dive into a specific automation task. AMA sessions on CRMs. Never in a group, unless you want your team to join in.

Lifetime Access

You get access to all materials for life.

Proven System

A proven system that works in ANY industry.

At Your Own Pace

No need to rush. You can take action on your own schedule.

Field Reports

Real-life case studies from our clients.

Advanced Automation

Advanced strategies that you won’t find anywhere else.

Bonus Material

Learn how to master accounting, project execution, time management, in-house communication and lead funneling, in one place.

Answers to Your Top Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions that we get.

Will this work in my industry?

Absolutely. We’ve worked with an array of different industries and for the most part, it is still talking to a human about a specific service covering a specific need. We just make sure your CRM looks good, your accountant is happy, your schedule is packed and you dont spend a fortune on that.

Here’s a bunch of examples of how we solve problems for different niches:

{project 1}
{project 2}

How does the course work? Is it webinars? Videos? Live classes?

Sure, here’s a breakdown. And no, it’s not just prerecorded stuff :)

Step 1: Hold 2 zoom meetings to analyse your business model and apply the right workflow designs for lead qualification and sales.

Step 2: Ensure contacts, companies, activities and opportunities have all the right attributes, so that all your important data is where it should be, in great shape.

Step 3: Design the first lead workflow, from lead capture to qualification. Design the first main sales pipeline which reflects exactly your sales process.

Step 4: Connect your calendar, email and cloud storage (Google or Microsoft only) to your CRM.

Step 5: Create most important email templates and automation, with content you will need to provide:

  • Welcome Email (if the lead fulfills your requirements)
  • Instant Disqualifier Email (if the lead does not fulfill your requirements)
  • Cold Pitch Email (for outreach)
  • First Follow-Up Email
  • Final Follow-Up Email
  • Contract or Quote Document Template

Step 6: Connect your CRM to your accounting app and project management tool from the list of apps we support. If you use something we don’t support, we will evaluate and give you options for a possible solution or an alternative.

Step 7: Migrate up to 1000 data rows from your previous customer database — be it sheets, some other CRM or your address book on the phone. Should you have a bigger database, we will get you a quote for a full migration or show you the best way to manage it in-house.

Do I have to show up at any particular time... or is everything recorded?

Major parts of the program are available as playbooks, recorded sessions and materials you use on your own. We do hold regular zooms to make sure you don’t get stuck and all your questions regarding your setup are answered.

All zoom sessions need to be scheduled in advance, but should fit your schedule.

What if I decide it’s not for me?

No problem. Your enrollment is protected by our guarantees. We give you two full months to test us on our CRM Now programm. For all other tiers, you have 14 days of access to all our materials to test it out. If it works for you, great. If not, you’re entitled to a full refund.

Does this work for ecommerce sites?


In fact, about 25% of our 250+ clients run an ecommerce solution. If you have one running on WooCommerce or Shopify, we’ll be able to assist your development efforts. If you’re already happy with your store — lets get it play nice with the rest of the apps and your CRM quickly.

We’re a marketing agency and just need help with onboarding our clients. Will this program work for them?

That’s best news, let’s talk. Yes, this course IS the perfect onboarding tool for pipedrive and HubSpot. If you need to get the whole process of configuring the CRM, integrating with other apps, migrating data, setting up lead and deal workflows — we got you covered.

We love collaborations with marketing agencies and yep, we sort out onboarding just nice.

How long does it take to get a fully working CRM?

In short: this depends on the final scope and how much time you’ll be able to set aside for it. In general: between 2 and 8 months.

It’s 2 if you’re willing to start early, without every last bit to fall into place. We highly encourage you to go down that lane.

To finish and polish the setup means connecting every last required app, but that is also the “living process” behind that. Depending on your actual scope and the apps you use, things might take longer, which is also fine. There’s no rush and we know from our stats that virtually any business settles in within a year of using the CRM.

That DIY version — will I actually be able to execute those steps? And do you offer support for that?

DIY version is definitely for tech afficionados and nerds by heart. You’ll have no trouble at all if you already have experience with zapier and know the basics of using personalised templates and scheduling appointments.

That being said, there is no real entry requirement for the DIY version and we did our best to provide clear and consise instructions and help materials for every step. You can schedule a quick zoom during every step of the program though, should you hit any trouble along the way.

Free email support is included on all plans, just send us your concerns and we get back to you within 2 days.