Get rid of duplicates. For ever ever.

Quite common problem in literally every CRM, including ours:


They are a given, like gaining weight from too much sugar.

The most efficient way to deal with duplicates is

I can’t state it enough: if you want to squash duplicates, go with dedupely.

[no GIF necessary, just follow the link, sign up, connect your CRM, run the dup search]

Now, the hack, especially if your database is of a smaller size, as in under 10K contacts:

run it a couple of times per year. Sign up for a month, run the dedup, cancel subscription. Repeat in 4 months.

A hack for small business / enterprise:

sign up, then create a bunch of rules that will automate dup merging:

There’s a great explainer on how rules work, exactly, in the knowledge base.

So, if you’re dealing with massive databases and need duplicates to be dealt with automatically and regularly: merge rules.

If you have a manageable size of a database, stick to one-off runs. Takes just a couple of minutes and is definitely faster and more powerful than the in-the-box duplicate features of pipedrive, hubspot and close CRM.

My pleasure.