Pipedrive to Xero Automation

One way to get invoices in Xero quickly, is using pipedrive’s native Xero integration.

It’s awesome, especially if you:

  • create just a few invoices each month
  • need to customize each invoice anyway
  • want to double-check and ensure each invoice before you send it out

Which is common for bigger contracts and very individual invoices for each deal.

In such cases, direct integration is the way to go. You will get your PDF or link straight in pipedrive after issuing the invoice and will be able to track payments in pipedrive directly, which is quite sweet.

There’s an extensive walk-through for Xero in pipedrive’s supreme knowledge base.

Now, in case:

  • your invoices are streamlined and correspond exactly to products attached to a deal
  • there’s no tweaking required, just send out the invoice and be done with it
  • you need to issue invoices for the subscription service you offer
  • want your sales team to get those invoice PDFs as streamlined and asap

You might want to explore the automated way.

The Automated Way

To get this done automatically, we will need:

  • an integromat account (we’re opinionated af and think zapier sucks! Zapier lacks so many features it’s not even an OK app compared to integromat)
  • about 30 mins to draw that automation

Here’s a full rundown as a 10 min video:

Need something along these lines? Let’s talk.