HubSpot Onboarding and Automation for Express Delivery Service Provider

Get a digital publisher startup over from sheets and printouts to pipedrive CRM and boost operations in 5 countries.
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Project Goals

Record Express Delivery S.A. is a long time player in the field of express delivery in Belgium, France and Netherland. Major goal was to get the most out of new sales CRM and centralise all marketing efforts. New CRM should also aggregate delivery data from several backend systems.



CRM Configuration and Attribution: We helped mapping all HubSpot entities with entities in both other systems: Log2x (logistics) and Odoo (fulfillment). We set up Channels and Ticket Pipelines to ensure most efficient team work in customer support. Custom Webforms were created to enable complex lead capturing, which is otherwise impossible within HubSpot itself. Data Aggregation: All relevant data about deliveries and orders for all clients are synced with HubSpot. Data comes in from Odoo (actual deliveries) and Log2x (logistic management). Automation: We created a series of workflows in HubSpot and Integromat to seamlessly sync data between the systems and streamline updates accross several apps.


Three systems are working in full, autoamtic sync: HubSpot, Log2x and Odoo. All data exchange is fully automated and HubSpot is tweaked for maximum productivity. Clean HubSpot design and entity configuration ensures all data is consistent and well organized.

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