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Get a digital publisher startup over from sheets and printouts to pipedrive CRM and boost operations in 5 countries.
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Project Goals

The Resort Hotel Club is a membership-driven hotel and resort booking club. Managing ties to luxury resorts all over Australia and 20,000 members had taken the business to the point where optimising its digital workflow was essential for future growth. We were approached with the task to fully migrate from Dynamics365 to pipedrive and build a new membership system there.



CRM Migration: We switched from Dynamics 365 to a leaner, modern pipedrive CRM. We created a simple membership functionality within the CRM, completely removing manual work from that process. Digitisation: We moved the client from a pen and paper sales process to teams working directly within pipedrive CRM. This update completely removed manual data reentries, slowdowns and exposure to human error. Automation: We created and automated simple personalized documents, removing manual invoicing and streamlining client on-boarding process.


The Resort Hotel Club now operates with a modern, efficient, fully digitised system for handling hundreds of thousands of records and an extensive client history and prospect database. Lee Hulsamn says “Before’s help, we relied on individual staff to know what was going on with our customers. We now have a system that anybody can log on to and understand exactly what has been done and what needs doing.“ “Now when we close deals, we have an automated set of emails for our new client. The data reports on cash flow, money owed and customer data that can see instantly are amazing. Our day-to-day work is simplified. For example, during Covid-19 lockdowns, we automated emails to go out to clients organised by postcode.”

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