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How to save 5000 Emails from ActiveCampaign to GoogleDrive

Need to save ActiveCampaign messages or MailChimp campaigns or blogposts as docs on GoogleDrive, all of them. Sorted by automation or campaign.
First, get your data from wherever as tables quickly and effortlessly with something like skyvia. Then, export data to google sheets. Finally, use this integromat scenario template to get entries from your sheet and save messages as docs.
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Project highlight dentist equipment in Austria and EU

Project objectives

TigerDental GmbH needed two things:

  • an efficient CRM for sales, with caller functionality, email integration, statistics and scheduling
  • new ecommerce website to sell their 5.000+ catalog of equipment for dental professionals in Austria and Europe

Our solution

CRM Integration: We implemented pipedrive CRM to cover all the requirements for sales. Custom webservice syncs data between CRM and legacy ERP system of the client.

WooCommerce was chosen as ecommerce backend to keep maximum flexibility and control of the website. Online store runs in two languages. Global shipping region setting limits products available in each region. Checkout is highly customized to serve 3 different customer roles

Automation: webservice syncing data between CRM and ERP systems runs on heroku with a minimal tech footprint, at 0 cost.

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