HubSpot Setup for Orthodontics Office Chain

Centralized, streamlined patient onboarding and treatment across 4 orthodontics offices. One CRM, one source of truth, same process for every subsidiary.

SmileForYou GmbH, Germany


Orthodontics Chain

Team size

20 people

Project Duration

16 weeks

Executive Summary

Ivoris, an industry standard app for dentists in Germany, is irreplaceable in terms of invoicing and syncing insurance data, but stuck in the 90s in terms of user experience, customer satisfaction and reports.

Since every office was using a separate instance of Ivoris, company knowledge and patient care was fragmented. As a result, sales and treatments were hard to monitor and  scale.

We implemented a HubSpot setup for four offices, which centralized reports and introduced features necessary to scale business and ensure patient happiness in 2024:

  • streamlined patient onboarding and treatment for all offices
  • automatic sync with Ivoris and DentalMonitoring
  • sales and treatment checklists for each team
  • 360° patient view: calls, emails, WhatsApp messages, payments, meetings and tasks
  • centralised documentation: contracts, invoices,  scans, photos - all linked to patient profile
  • workload reduction with automated workflows for sales, patient onboarding, lab work and treatments
  • powerful search: instantly find any piece of information
  • customizable sales and service reports to monitor performance of each office and every team

Main Challenges

⏱️ Waste of Time

Fragmented Patient Care

Ivoris has no proper automation tools and integration with other apps is limited. Resulting in longer processes, higher cost per treatment and spotty company guidelines.

Paper Chaos

Signed contracts, forms, invoices, dental scans, photographs and other treatment materials scattered around the office make it difficult to make decisions faster.
📊 Financial Reports

No Cash Flow Insight

No customizable reports on cash flow, expected revenue or monetary performance. An ordeal when it comes to financial projections and office performance reviews.

Time Consuming Payment Reconciliation

No payments in the system means no way to see actual cash flow and whom to follow up with on outstanding payments.
❤️ Patient Satisfaction

Missing the Full Picture

Ivoris and other dentist apps offer limited functionality for pro-active outreach, automatic reminders  and general communication with patients. Missed appointments and lost opportunities impact financial performance.

No Insight on Customer Satisfaction

Industry apps offer no tools to collect customer feedback or track communication, making it hard to improve customer satisfaction.
💵 Sales Performance

Fragmented Sales Process

No proper streamlining, marketing or automation tools make it difficult to scale sales with new leads. Without automation, each sale takes longer to close.

No Team Performance Insight

No tools to monitor staff performance or see how several offices perform compared to each other, making it hard to address issues and overhead.
Limited functionality in industry specific applications, fragmented data and lack of automation have a negative impact on conversion and patient happiness.
Scaling operations proved to be extremely difficult without streamlined workflows, timely reports and workload reducing automation.

We used HubSpot to remove those bottlenecks and increase overall performance by 20% within the first 6 months.


HubSpot is a state of the art CRM platform, combining tools for marketing, customer service and sales:

- full patient history
- online appointments and web forms
- marketing campaigns
- automation tools
- integration with other apps
- tasks and checklists
- flexible reports

all in one app.

Full GDPR compliance, mobile and browser apps, great support and developer community have huge long term benefits not available with niche applications.

Streamlined Patient Care

  • Checklists with tasks for every team, from first visit over onboarding and lab work to post-treatment check-ins
  • Every finished task automatically creates the next to-do in the appropriate department, keeping each team focused and all treatments in check
  • Pipelines for labs and patient care allow office managers to quickly assess the big picture and performance of their office

Streamlined Sales

  • Deal pipelines for streamlined sales, with live revenue forecasts
  • Streamlined approach ensures no step is missed and everyone is on the same page on what's next
  • Every team has their own lists of work items
  • Office managers have an overview of all treatments, lab orders and new sales

No Paper Chaos

  • HubSpot’s Documents feature makes it easy to store and retrieve every relevant part of documentation directly from patient profile
  • Most documents are now available as web forms patients fill out, which simplifies data gathering and increases the quality of data from the beginning

Pro-Active Outreach and Follow-Ups

  • HubSpot’s Meeting Links feature is used to schedule every type of appointment online, with appointments linked to proper staff member or doctor
  • Stats and notifications when patients overbook certain appointment types, ensuring projected costs per treatment aren't blown

Team Performance Insight

  • HubSpot's report dashboards are easily customizable according to company's KPIs and goals
  • Team managers have access to filterable reports with real-time data completely removing any guesswork
  • CEO has a separate dashboard with overall performance of individual offices

Customer Happiness Insight

  • HubSpot’s Customer Feedback functionality allows for quick experience insight
  • Automated emails requesting ratings on Google and Industry specific websites go out once the treatment is finished.

Timely Payments

  • Treatments have proper payment plans which automatically update financial forecasts, making it simple to forecast finances
  • Automatically created tasks to follow up on payments and post-treatment work with due dates in 6, 12 and 18 months depending on the  plan

Keep in Mind

All of the above can be achieved in pipedrive too. Pipedrive has a lower running cost (approx. 1/4th of HubSpot's). The drawbacks are mainly in native integration with marketing tools of Facebook and LinkedIn. Which have workarounds.

Project in numbers

  • Workflow automation streamlined sales and treatments, reducing manual labor by 500 hours per office and year
  • Online appointments for each type of visit reduced the number of missed visits
  • Task lists for each department reduced the back and forth within teams
  • Automatic payment reconciliation removed 1 hour of work per day
  • Email reminders decreased missed appointments and self-check-ins by 15%
  • Reporting Dashboards enabled seeing day-to-day performance of each office in one place