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Elaine Hulsmann

The Resort Club, Australia

“Before’s help, we relied on individual staff to know what was going on with our customers. We now have a system that anybody can log on to and understand exactly what has been done and what needs doing. The data reports and customer data that we can see instantly are amazing.
Our day-to-day work is simplified.”

Julian Winsauer

TigerDental GmbH, Austria

“I appreciate working with Nikolai and his team. Companies which are looking for flexible and frugal solutions have the right partner in to develop a suitable system for their requirements.”

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CRM Integration and Automation

  • HubSpot to Log2x Connector
  • Pipedrive <> Quickbooks Online integration
  • Pipedrive to Xero integration
  • Tilda Website to HubSpot
  • WooCommerce to Pipedrive
  • WooCommerce to HubSpot

App Development and Data Dashboards

  • Dock-by-Phone App for Hamburger Hafen
  • dux-soup's marketplace app for pipedrive
  • Data Analyser Bot driven by Machine Learning
  • Layzer: Automatic Print Catalog Layouter
  • DataStudio Dashboards for RugPadUSA
  • DataStudio Dashboards for CityScape Ltd
  • Goals App for Streamdeck