Pipedrive  for Online Car Dealership

Automation of lead qualification, outreach and contract generation for an online car dealership business.

Neuwagen Online GmbH


Online Car Dealership

Team size

20 people

Project Duration

8 weeks

Executive Summary

Initially working with Salesforce, running cost blew up after all 20 sales team members upgraded to extremely pricey paid plans.

Yet workflows were not automated and Salesforce experts were too expensive to work with, hense work stayed manual and prevented sales from scaling.

What we accomplished:

  1. Reduce the running cost by 80% by switching to pipedrive.
  2. Automation of common manual tasks. Automatically add leads from emails, cold email outreach and disqualification, generation of final contracts. Saving 600 hours per year in total.

Main Challenges

  • Loads of manual operations impacting conversion and customer satisfaction
  • Inability to disqualify unresponsive leads automatically
  • Lengthy cycle of lead to signed contract
  • No reports on team productivity and finances
Time Loss

Hundreds of repetitive tasks every day

All leads are automatically delivered by email, but they were manually and only partially converted to leads in the CRM, resulting in loss of leads.

Poor Data Quality

Lost information about leads and offers

Manual entries prone to human error ended in less reliable data. Team simply didn't have the time and motivation to add everything about the offerings, vehicles and leads.

Thousands of Email Follow-Ups Every Month

Manual Outreach and Follow-Ups

Most of the day was spent on generic outreach, following up with existing leads and archiving hundreds of non-respondent inquiries.

Poor Use of Tools

Motivated, but uneducated

A highly motivated team wasn’t properly trained in any of the tools Salesforce offered. As a result, no one knew how to maximize the sales potential of leads.

An expensive CRM, no training and a fully manual approach makes a highly motivated team underperform.


Main win was switching to pipedrive, which is at about 1/5th of Salesforce cost. The clear requirements and sheer volume of leads made it easy to pinpoint the main areas that needed automation: lead qualification, follow ups and contracts.
Pipedrive and make

Given the specific requirements, pipedrive is a much better fit, meaning a drastically lower running cost.

Automate lead generation in pipedrive

Since all leads came in through emails from another system, it was a straightforward process to automate lead generation and data enrichment in pipedrive.

Automatic email sequences

Since every new lead gets a similar response confirming the enquiry and asking to book a call, this email is now fully automated. A series of follow up emails goes out to non-responsive clients ensuring that leads are worked on in a timely manner and no prospect is forgotten during high load periods.

Automatic disqualification of leads

One of the processes in the company is to abandon all leads after a week of no response to ensure new leads get timely attention. This step is now fully automated thanks to the built-in workflow automation in pipedrive.

Scheduler link to book intro calls through the website

The general Call us button on the website was replaced with a better converting pipedrive scheduler, enabling leads to get a call at a specific time.

Contract generation

Contracts are now easily generated and eSigned with just two clicks, which completely removed the previous lengthy back and forth process involving printouts and follow ups on signatures.

Project in

  • Over 80K contacts migrated from Salesforce, preserving contact ownership and history.
  • Scheduling links for every sales person on the team and general web inquiries save 40 hours per week.
  • 4 make automations to cover all current lead channels. Each one creates a standardized lead in pipedrive, with offering information. Saves 8 hours per week.
  • 2 deal pipelines for the two main markets of the company: Germany and Italy
  • 3 workflow automations fully covering automatic email follow-ups and lead disqualification. Saves 80 hours per month.
  • 130 hours less manual labor per month in total. Our solution saves the client one full employee month, every month.