Pipedrive vs HubSpot: When to Use Which and Why?


HubSpot is significantly more expensive with more features. Pricing starts at €500 with 5 mandatory accounts and doesn’t stay at €500 because Sales Pro alone is rarely sufficient. The costs are more likely at €1.5K+ per month.

For companies with large sales and service teams and 30+ employees, you’re looking at about €3.5K/month, which is acceptable when calculated per user.

For teams with 50+ users, it becomes cheaper at ~€15K/month compared to a similar setup with Pipedrive.

Otherwise, Pipedrive is better for smaller teams or when the focus is on personalized, efficient sales.

Where does HubSpot outperform Pipedrive?

HubSpot is great for companies with larger service and sales teams (15+ people). However, it only makes sense from the Pro bundles upwards, where all essential features are available. This includes Operations Hub Pro for meaningful use of automation, starting at about €1.5K per month.

The automation tools are more extensive and powerful than in Pipedrive. Pipedrive leads in areas like meetings, document templates with eSigning, and project management.

The ticketing system and its integration and automation with deals is top-notch in HubSpot.

For very large teams, there's the Enterprise tier with many extras, but with entry costs of €100K+.

Advantage with Operations Hub Pro (€690 per month): workflows can trigger webhooks, which is more economical with tools like Zapier or make at large data volumes.

Also important: HubSpot charges one-time onboarding fees once you book Pro or Enterprise bundles, about €1.5K per hub. The onboarding is basic and aimed at beginners. HubSpot offers the ability to set up custom objects (Enterprise feature), allowing for business-specific constructs like construction or assembly projects, transactions from payment provider systems, vehicles, real estate, etc.

Where does Pipedrive outperform HubSpot?

Pipedrive is ideal for:

  • Solopreneurs and smaller teams
  • Marketing and consulting agencies
  • Lean startups
  • Budgets under €1.5K a month. With €1.5K, 20 people can work with Pipedrive. With HubSpot, only 10.

Pipedrive is overall leaner yet very powerful. It is significantly cheaper than HubSpot: on average about 30% of the HubSpot costs.

For example, batch emailing, allowing for the sending of regular emails all at once – also with templates and personalized – is a standard feature without extra costs. With HubSpot, this costs an additional €590 per month.

Also, SmartDocs, a feature for quickly generating offers and contracts from Google Docs and Word documents is included. Similar in HubSpot is still in beta, more complicated, and expensive.

Projects is an exclusive feature and HubSpot has nothing comparable. It allows for projects to be directly managed and overseen within the CRM, which is extremely practical.

The sales process, scheduling of meetings and calls, creating offers, and follow-ups are easier and faster than in HubSpot.

Pipedrive excels in conjunction with other apps. It practically requires that additional apps for specific task areas are used and integrated. ZenDesk for tickets. Asana, Trello, Jira, ClickUp, or Monday for projects. AirCall for telephony.

Since there are no restrictions on the use of APIs and webhooks are available in all packages, integration with other apps via Zapier or make is cheaper.

What does it mean for your company?

That you will use more apps with Pipedrive but pay less than with HubSpot. Pipedrive is more straightforward and leaner, HubSpot is more powerful and extensive in areas of email marketing and customer service.

Decision guide

Prefer Pipedrive

  • if you generate less than €1M a year
  • have fewer than 20 employees using the CRM
  • mainly use CRM for sales and automated workflows
  • looking for simple project management and email campaigns.

Prefer HubSpot

  • if €1.5K+ per month is not an issue
  • you want customer support, landing pages, and sales in one system
  • have about €30K a year for integration and automation
  • have a team of 20+ people with separate service and sales departments working hand in hand.

Cost examples

A monthly cost overview.

Typically, you will need make or Zapier for both systems because not everything can be automated within the CRM.

Per user monthly fees:

  • €59 per user for the Professional Plan
  • €8 per user for Projects

Company-wide features, per month:

  • €39 for Lead Booster (Web Forms, Chatbot, Prospector)
  • €39 for SmartDocs (Quotes and Contracts with eSigning)
  • €49 Website Tracking
  • €16 for Campaigns (Email Marketing)

Our recommendation is the Pro Plan, Projects, Lead Booster, SmartDocs costing €67 per user + €78 per company, per month.

With make.com starting at €30 per month for advanced automation, a team of 10 people would cost €778 for Pipedrive, averaging €78-84 per user, making it three times cheaper than HubSpot.

HubSpot starts at €1757 per month for the Pro Bundle, which is 5 users in Sales and Service Hub each. Additional seats are €100 each, so 10 users and make.com for advanced automation will cost you about €2287 per month. Three times more expensive than pipedrive.